About the Foundation

Our aim is to promote the world of science & education, with an emphasis on the scientific concepts of the Universe & life’s origins, including humanity. The goals of the Foundation are accomplished through books publishing and initiatives connected to science – granting scholarships, organizing contests, supporting researchers and scientists, collaborating with Polish universities and foreign scientific institutions.

En Arche is also a Foundation who supports the young generation of students and PhD students. Our scholarship programme is prepared in order to help the talented youth to find opportunities for the development of their interests circulating around science. Together we have established an unique support system, where the main criterium for obtaining the scholarship is presenting a scientific, empirical essay. Looking up to the best world universities, we believe, that it is indeed the creativity and out-of-the-box thinking that deserves to be awarded.

Goals & activity of the Foundation:

  • intellectual, organizational, material and financial support granted to students, researchers and scientists, as well as research institutions and higher education establishments;
  • organization & co-organization of: conferences, congresses, discussion panels, workshops, debates, seminaries, trainings, lectures and contests based on scientific matters that cover the main aims of the Foundation;
  • publication of research & study results, granting scholarships in line with the main objectives of the Foundation, initiatative and support for the international scientific collaborations;
  • financial, technical, educational & informative support for other individuals, organizations and subjects which objectives are in line with the goals of the Foundation – as per law regulations – through, for example, donations or co-founding;
  • participation in organizations who unite different Foundations or other scientific institutions, both nationally and internationally, which statutory goals are similar or the same as the main aims of the Foundation;
  • collaboration with national and foreign institutions in the field of science and higher education;
  • leading personal research and expertises;
  • popularisation of achievements in the field of science;
  • publication of books and other materials, including audio & audiovisual content, regarding the Foundation’s interests stated as the main goals;
  • translation from foreign languages, editing and publishing materials regarding the Foundation’s interests stated as the main goals;
  • managing a business activity as a support for accomplishing the Foundation’s statutory goals;
  • managing a website and a relevant business activity in the world wide web;
  • collaboration with the local board, national administration, science and research institutions, Foundations and other organizations, whose activity is in line with the En Arche Foundation’s objectives.