About us

Why “En Arche”?

En Arche are the first words of the Book of Genesis, the first book of the Old Testament. They are also the first words of the Gospel of Saint John En Arche means “at the beginning”. In these words, however, there is something much deeper than just the message of the beginning in the sense of time. They mark the core, the source, the first principle, the essence of things.

This is the mission of our Foundation – we want to refer to the origins, to the heart, to the essence of Christianity and draw from it. We want to get back to the basics of Christianity by popularizing the knowledge of the Holy Bible which, we believe, is the inspired Word of God. We want to refer to the foundations of the Church both in terms of the Mystical Body of Christ and its institutional forms through the dissemination of literature related to philosophy, Christian apologetics and doctrinal foundations. We want to reach to the nature of man, his calling and destiny in the light of God’s Word, by helping individuals and families in their spiritual development and living on the basis of principles derived from the Holy Bible. We want to follow the ever-present call of Jesus Christ for practical love of neighbour, through charity, taking into account the spiritual dimension of those in need. Instead of reinventing the world, we want to go back to what was at the beginning to discover God’s original plan for us.

Wiesław Grabowski –  President of the Foundation

Wiesław Grabowski graduated from the Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machines. He worked as a constructor and research engineer at the Automotive Industry Institute. Then he ran his own company. He graduated from the Two-Year Study of Family Life at the Archdiocese of Warsaw. Since 1983, he has been actively involved in the activities of the Christian Movement Mt28 (formerly the New Life Movement), which is the Polish branch of the Christian Movement Campus Crusade for Christ International.  As part of this Movement, he graduated from the International Institute of Biblical Studies and, in cooperation with FamilyLife Ministry, he ran the Family Service from 1993.  He initiated and developed the movement of home marriages groups under the name of the Creator of the Home Hearth. Together with his wife, he conducts conferences, seminars, retreats for marriages and parents, and courses for fiancées. For a more than a dozen years, they have also been running “Meetings for people in love” at the parish of Saint. Jakob in Warsaw. He is the co-author of the textbook for the subject of Education for Family Life titled “Zanim wybierzesz” (Before you choose).  He is also a lecturer at retreats, seminars and conferences for men and a collaborator of the Association of Men of Saint Joseph.

Magdalena Grabowska

Magdalena Grabowska graduated from the Faculty of Economic Sciences at the University of Warsaw. She graduated from the Two-Year Study of Family Life at the Archdiocese of Warsaw. Since 1983, she has been actively involved in the activities of the Christian Movement Mt28 (formerly the New Life Movement), which is the Polish branch of the international Christian movement Campus Crusade for Christ.  As part of this Movement, she graduated from the International Institute of Biblical Studies and, in cooperation with FamilyLife Ministry, accompanied her husband in running the Family Service since 1993.  Together with him, she initiated and developed the movement of home marriages under the name of the Creator of the Home Hearth. Together with her husband, she runs conferences, seminars, retreats for marriages and parents, and courses for fiancées.  For a more than a dozen years, they have also been running “Meetings for people in love” at the parish of Saint. Jakob in Warsaw. Magdalena is also a lecturer at retreats, seminars and conferences for women, a coach of personal development and family life.  She is a co-author of the textbook for the subject of Education for Family Life titled “Zanim wybierzesz” (Before you choose) and the author of the books “Kobieta warta królestwa” (Woman worth of the kingdom), “Klucze do pokoju” (Keys to peace) and books for children “Wielka wędrówka” (Grand ramble) and “Cudowna przemiana” (Miraculous transformation).


Ewa Bubrowiecka – Vice-President

Ewa Bubrowiecka graduated in psychology at the University of Warsaw, currently a student of the Pontifical Faculty of Theology in Warsaw. Passionate about the Holy Bible, she runs a controversial Bible group. He loves conversations on theological and apologetic topics and on the teaching of the Catholic Church. Participant of many apologetic conferences in Canada and the USA. She loves to read.  Involved in charity for the suffering people and those in need.

Joanna Gumowska

Joanna Gumowska graduated from the Technical School of Building. Since 2004, she has been involved in the life of church. She has managed the organization of church events. Since 2008, a leader of the biblical home group. She actively participated in Christian conferences for marriages and women, as well as the Alpha Course. Since 2012, she has been involved in charity for women in need, and since 2016 also for men. She thinks that God has provided her with love for them and empathy, thanks to which she feels their confusion, fear, loneliness and the need to be important. She has also received assertiveness that allows her to help them wisely so that they can make decisions that change their lives. She wants to be a credible testimony of faith for them. She deepens her relationship with Jesus every day reading the Bible. It is He who gives her life meaning and purpose.


Barbara Giża

Barbara Giża graduated of the Catholic University of Lublin. She gained her professional experience working as a teacher and educator in Warsaw schools, and then as an editor of educational publications, as an editor-in-chief, as well as a coordinator of local and nationwide projects related to education and publishing. Author of materials for students and teachers for film education.




§ 1

Foundation under the name En Arche Foundation, hereinafter referred to as the Foundation, established by a notary deed drawn up by a notary public Maria Grodzicka in a notary’s office in Warsaw, at ul. Ogrodowa 3 apt. 16, on June 1, 2017, operates on the basis of the applicable Act of 6 April 1984 on foundations and this statute.

§ 2

  1. The Foundation has legal personality.
  2. The headquarters of the Foundation is the capital city of Warsaw.
  3. The duration of the Foundation is unlimited.

§ 3

  1. The area of the Foundation’s activity is the territory of the Republic of Poland, however, to the extent necessary for the proper implementation of its objectives, it may also operate outside the borders of the Republic of Poland.
  2. The Foundation may use the translation of the name in selected foreign languages for the purpose of cooperation with foreign countries.

§ 4

The Foundation may establish badges, honorary medals and award them together with other prizes and awards, to natural and legal persons who have contributed to the Foundation.

§ 5

The Minister competent for the scope of activities and objectives of the Foundation is the Minister of Culture and National Heritage and the President of the Capital City of Warsaw Warsaw.


§ 6

The Foundation’s goal is:

  • promotion of knowledge in the field of Christian apologetics, in particular related to science-religion, reason and faith
  • promotion of the Bible’s faith
  • promotion of respect for Christian faith
  • support in the sphere of public dialogue related to the Christian world-view
  • protection of the image and attitude of rational Christian faith
  • activities for religious worship
  • promoting a lifestyle based on Christian spirituality and Christian values
  • activities to strengthen the permanence of marriages and families based on Christian values
  • support and help in individual spiritual development (especially by providing access to the necessary knowledge in this area)
  • supporting the family – marriage, natural parenthood and of foster care
  • counteracting addictions and social pathologies
  • activities for the integration and reintegration of people who are at risk
  • social assistance, including help for families and people in a difficult life situation, and equalizing the chances of these families and people

§ 7

The Foundation pursues its goals through:

  • publishing books and materials – including audio and audiovisual materials related to the subject matter
  • translated into foreign languages by the Foundation, editing and publishing materials related to the topics specified for the Foundation’s goals
  • organizing and co-organizing: conferences, congresses, discussion panels, workshops, debates, seminars, training lectures, biblical groups, competitions related to topics specified in the Foundation’s goals)
  • organizing and co-organizing the rest of families, children and youth, recreation and sport events, summer and winter camps, holidays, etc. helping in the implementation of the Foundation’s goals
  • psychological and advisory help in the field of life family, also for children and youth, including dysfunctional families
  • help people aged 18-29 to acquire education, employment, professional qualifications
  • support and initiate programs, projects and ventures, and all other activities aimed to help excluded people, the disabled, the elderly, the sick, the homeless
  • conducting and supporting charitable activities
  • promotion, support and organization of volunteering
  • conducting charity, material support for persons in need
  • running a business to help achieve the Foundation’s objectives 
  • running a website and related activities in the Internet space
  • partial or total financing of the above-mentioned projects
  • financing and supporting external initiatives and projects related to the Foundation’s objectives, organized by legal entities and natural persons
  • cooperating with local government, state administration, scientific and research institutions, foundations and other organizations whose activities coincide with the objectives of the En Arche Foundation.

§ 8

To achieve its goals, the Foundation may support the activities of other people and institutions in line with its objectives.


§ 9

The Foundation’s assets are its founding fund in the amount of PLN 1,500 (in words: one thousand five hundred) and other assets acquired by the Foundation in the course of its operation, of which PLN 1,000 (in words: one thousand) will be used for business.

§ 10

The Foundation’s income may come from:

  1. donations, inheritances, subsidy
  2. subsidy provisions as well as income grants
  3. from the collection
  4. income from economic activity described in § 12
  5. income from the Foundation’s
  6. assets interest on deposits in bank accounts

§ 11

  1. Income from subsidies, donations, inheritances and bequests can be used for implementation any of the Foundation’s goals, unless the testator or donor has set a specific goal.
  2. In the cases of accepting donations and inheritance, the statements required by law are submitted by the Foundation’s Management Board.
  3. If the Foundation is appointed for inheritance, the Management Board shall submit a declaration of acceptance of the inheritance with the benefit of the inventory.

§ 12

  1. The Foundation may run a business. All income from its operation will be used for statutory purposes.
  2. The economic activity referred to in paragraph 1 is:
    56.10.A – Restaurants and other permanent catering establishments
    56.2 – Food preparation for external recipients
    56.3 – Preparation and serving of beverages
    58.1 – Publishing of books and periodicals and other publishing activities, excluding the field of software
    58.11.Z – Book publishing
    58.13. Z -Newspaper publishing
    58.14. Z – Publishing of magazines and other periodicals
    58.19.Z. Other publishing activities
    58.29.Z – Publishing activities in the field of other software
    59.11.Z – Activities related to the production of films, video recordings and television programs
    59.13.Z – Activity related to the distribution of films, video recordings and television programs
    59.14.Z – Activities related to film projection
    59.20.Z – Sound and music recording activities
    60.20.Z – Broadcasting of public and subscription television programs
    77.22.Z – Rental of video cassettes, CDs, DVDs, etc.
    79.12.Z Activity of tour operators
    82.30.Z. Activity related to organization of fairs, exhibitions and congresses
    82.99.Z – Other business support activities, not classified elsewhere
    85.51.Z – Extracurricular forms of sports education and sports and recreational activities
    85.59.B – Other out-of-school forms of education not classified elsewhere
    85.60.Z – Educational support activities
    88.10.Z – Social assistance without accommodation for elderly people and people with disabilities
    88.99.Z – Other social assistance without accommodation, not classified elsewhere
    91.01.A – Libraries
    93.29.Z – Other entertainment and recreational activities
    94.91.Z – Activities of religious organizations
    94.99.Z – Activities of other membership organizations, not classified elsewhere
  3. Economic activity, the performance of which requires a license or permit, the Foundation will undertake after obtaining the required authorization.

The Foundation’s authorities

§ 13

  1. The Foundation’s bodies are:
    • Founder
    • Fund Management


§ 14

  1. The Founder’s competences include:
    • determining the remuneration of the Foundation’s Management Board members,
    • ustalanie wynagrodzeń członków Zarządu Fundacji,
    • distributing the functions of the Foundation’s Management Board members,
    • considering and approving Management Board reports,
    • reviewing and approving financial statements and reports from members Foundation,
    • making decisions on changing the Foundation’s statute, merging with another foundation and liquidating the Foundation’s Management Board.

The Foundation’s Management Board

§ 15

  1. The Foundation’s Management Board consists of up to three people, including the President, and in the case of a multi-person Board also from one or two Vice Presidents.
  2. The Management Board may collect remuneration for its work in accordance with the provisions of the Act on Foundations. The remuneration of the Management Board members will be financed from the Foundation’s income, without prejudice to the founder’s capital.
  3. A member of the Management Board may resign from his function by submitting a written statement to the Founder.
  4. Members of the Foundation’s Management Board are appointed for an indefinite period.

§ 16

  1. The Board manages the Foundation’s activities and represents it outside.
  2. The tasks of the Management Board include:
    1. managing the Foundation’s day-to-day activities
    2. implementation of statutory objectives
    3. managing the Foundation’s assets
    4. adopting annual plans of the Foundation’s activities and financial plans
    5. adopting regulations
    6. employing employees and determining their remuneration
    7. accepting donations, inheritances, subventions and grants.
  3. Management Board takes decisions at meetings in the form of ordinary resolutions majority. In the case of a one-man board, decisions are taken by the President of the Management Board. In the case of a multi-person board, decisions are made in the presence of at least two members, including the President. In the event of an equal number of votes – the vote of the President of the Foundation’s Management Board is the decisive vote.
  4. Meetings of the Management Board are convened by the President. All members of the Management Board must be notified of the meeting in writing or using electronic means of communication, at least 3 days before the date of the meeting.
  5. Meetings of the Management Board are held at least once a year.
  6. The Management Board may appoint proxies to manage a separate area of matters belonging to the Foundation’s tasks.

Method of Representation

§ 17

  1. Declaration of will on behalf of the Foundation may be submitted individually by each member of the Management Board. 

Amendments to the Statute

§ 18

18 Changes in the Foundation’s statute are made by the Founder. Amendments to the statute may relate to the purposes for which the Foundation was established and specified in the founding act.

Joining another foundation

§ 19

  1. Foundation can merge with another foundation for the effective implementation of its goals.
  2. A merger with another foundation can not take place if the Foundation’s objective could be significantly changed as a result.

§ 20

The Founder makes the decision on joining another Foundation.

Liquidation of the Foundation

§ 21

  1. The Foundation shall be liquidated if the objectives for which it was established are met or in the event of its financial resources and assets being exhausted.
  2. The decision on liquidation is made by the Founder. The Foundation’s liquidators are appointed and dismissed by the Founder.
  3. The funds and assets left after the Foundation’s liquidation may be allocated by the Founder’s resolution to other foundations with similar aims in the Republic of Poland.

Final provisions

§ 22

In matters not regulated in the statute, the provisions of the Act of On April 6, 1984, on foundations and other legal regulations regulating the foundation’s activity.