Management board & employees

Ewa Bubrowiecka

President of the Management board

She participated in the inauguration conference of Zentrum für BioKomplexität & NaturTeleologie Zentrum für BioKomplexität & NaturTeleologie in Austria, leaded the interviews with the most known members of the Discovery Institute and researchers who are undertaking further studies about the theory of the intelligent project, such as Stephen Meyer, Gunter Beckly (co-founder of Zentrum für BioKomplexität & NaturTeleologie), Ann Gauger, Brian Miller, Tony Futerman.

She graduated with the Master Degree in Psychology at University of Warsaw, she enjoys reading. Her neuropsychology specialization was developed through her passion and curiosity about the functioning of the human brain and behavior. In reference to that she has begun contemplating the scientific explanation for these phenomenons, such as for instance consciousness & cognitive processes. These researches have enlighted her that contrary to the public opinion, scientists are still working on developing theories that would explain these mechanisms, such as the virtue and the nature of the thought, decision-making or the role & the provenience of emotions. This has taught her that discovering the truth requires humility & the courage to ask oneself complex questions – Where is it coming from? How did the biological diversity arise? Were these issues solved scientifically?

That is the reason for her decision to call our project “En Arche”, (greek: “In the beginning”). We wish to offer our help in the scientific discoveries of the origins and provenience of phenomenons widely spread in our nature and natural laws, which we can see on a daily basis.

PhD Grzegorz Malec

Board representative for scientific matters

Author of many essays, among others: “Evolution of Charles Darwin’s position on religion” (Ewolucja stanowiska Karola Darwina wobec religii) & “The Dispute over plagiarism of the natural selection theory: Blyth vs. Darwin”.(Spór o plagiat teorii doboru naturalnego: Blyth vs. Darwin). Furthermore, he has also presented his thesis “Crisis management in the situations of natural hazards in the county of Zielona Góra” (Zarządzanie kryzysowe w sytuacjach zagrożeń naturalnych w gminie Zielona Góra)

In 2017, he obtained his PhD degree based on his work titled “The Disputes over the plagiarism of the darwinian theory of evolution”. (Spory o plagiat darwinowskiej teorii ewolucji)

Since 2013 he has also been leading the role of the leader of the local group of the Zielona Góra county “Science vs Religion”. He’s the author of over a dozen of articles, a few publications and reviews. He has translated, among others, the scripts of well-known XIX century’s naturalists (Edward Blyth, Patrick Matthew, Alfred Russel Wallace). His speeches were presented at tens of scientific conferences. In the meantime, he is still active in the meetings in the “Science vs Religion” group. His interests circle around the philosophy of science, the history of science (most importantly the history of evolution), the disputes of evolutionism & creationism, but also the theory of the intelligent project.

Anna Cichocka

Management Board Assistant

Theory of Intelligent Project needs conceptual work, problem-solving & sometimes also brain-storming: that is what a friendly & efficiently functioning workspace is needed for. It is Anna’s responsibility to maintain the harmony there.

In her day to day life, Anna is a lover of the healthy lifestyle & nutrition, but also a yoga & swimming enthusiast. Her biggest passions are personal development & interpersonal relations.

Rafał Dyra

Project manager

Responsible for the supervision & a comprehensive management of the whole project, including marketing.

Rafał is a student of Management Engineering at the Warsaw Polytechnic. In his free time, he volunteers as the leader of a scout team, for which he organizes and leads various camps.