Scholarships & grants

Terms & conditions of the scholarship contest of the En Arche foundation for students & PhD students of biology and philosophy

En Arche foundation works proactively towards the development of science. Accordingly to the main assumptions of the foundation, we provide monthly scholarships for the students and PhD students of biology and philosophy. The main criterion for obtaining the grant is to present a scientific elaboration in the form of an essay. Check out the terms & conditions that apply.


1. The terms & condition form of the scholarship contest of En Arche foundation, further recalled as T&C, regulates the mentioned terms & conditions for the contest subjected by the written work in the form of an essay and an interview.

2. The organizer of the scholarship contest of En Arche foundation for students and PhD students of biology and philosophy, further recalled as The Contest, is the En Arche foundation with the headquarters in Warsaw, ul. Gwiaździsta 5B/.3, Postal code 01-651, KRS 0000702206, NIP: 5252728212.

3. The Contest is aimed mainly towards students and PhD students of biology and related degrees, however students of not related degrees, who bear interest in neo-darwinism & the theory of the intelligent project might also participate.

4. The submission of the written essay is an equivalent of agreement and commitment to T&C.

Aims of The Contest

The aims of The Contest are:

  • to strengthen the demeanour of scientific inquisitiveness & the popularization of the freedom of thought in polish academic environment;
  • to broaden the knowledge about the theory of the intelligent project and to grant the possibility of developing relevant concepts;
  • to develop skills related to the analysis of the literature & scientific research.

Entry tasks

Stage I
A submission of an essay relevant to the following topic: “Would the natural sciences offer the theory of the intelligent project a space in their explanatory theses?”

Stage II
Successfully completed interview in front of the contest jury. Only the contestants who have obtain positive results from stage I (based on the written essay) will be invited for the interview.

Stage III
The winners will be obliged to continue developing their interests and researches relevant to the subject of the intelligent project and to provide two written reviews of their development through the duration of the scholarship programme.

Conditions that need to be fulfilled in the written essays

The essay should:

  • implement american literature relevant to the theory of the Intelligent Project, written by chosen authors, among others: S.C. Meyer, M. Behe, M. Denton, W. Dembski, J. Wells;
  • contain 20 to 30 thousands characters, spaces included;
  • fulfill redactional conditions: Font: Times New Roman, 12, 1.5 interspace
  • Bibliography: annotations at the bottom of the page and bibliographical list in the alphabetical order at the end of the essay
  • be sent in the electronic form to the email address, in the PDF format
  • File title should contain: Surname, Name.pdf (example: SmithJohn.pdf)

Realization of The Contest

  • The essay must be sent until 31 August 2020, to the following email address:
  • The candidates who will qualify to the II stage of The Contest will be notified via email not later than 8 September 2020
  • The interviews will take place between 9 and 20 of September 2020
  • The individual notification about the result of The Contest will be sent via email not later than 30 September 2020, to the email address indicated in the Candidate Card
  • The winners will have to submit the reviews of their development during the scholarship programme: 1st review until 31 December 2020, 2nd review until 30 May 2021

Organizational assumptions

1. The candidates that will positively pass the first stage (written essay), assessed by the jury board called by En Arche foundation will be notified about their entrance to the second stage (interview) via email to the email address indicated in the Candidate Card.

2. Scholarship holders will be chosen by the jury board based on (1) written essay, and (2) interview. The decision of the jury board is irrevocable and is not subject to verification or dispute.

3. The members of the jury board will be grading the essays according to the following criteria:

  • relevance to the indicated topic;
  • use of polish and international literature;
  • originality and creativity of the approach to the topic;
  • substantiality and language correctness;
  • concordance of the essay lenght with the redactory rules stated in T&C

4. The candidates will be notified about the meeting details and the topic of the interview individually via email at the email address provided in the Candidate Card. The interview will take place in Warsaw. Under justified circumstances it will be possible to participate in the interview via Internet.

5. The conditions of an eligible entry include:

  • sending via email to (1) a scanned version of the signed statement of the candidate relevant to the transfer of copyrights for the essay to En Arche foundation along with the agreement for processing personal data by En Arche foundation for the needs of The Contest and (2) filled Candidate Card including basic personal data, attended university, department, year and degree of the studies. Following documents will be sent to the candidates who submitted the essay, via emal.
  • sending the original paper version of the signed statement regarding the transfer of copyrights for the essay to En Arche Foundation in two copies. The delivery might occur through sending the documents via a postal service to the address of the foundation. Contest entries that will not fulfill the conditions above will not be subject to the jury and will not be taking part in the contest.

6. The conditions that need to be fulfilled in the written reviews regarding the development of the interests in the topic of the theory of intelligent project will be sent to the Scholarship holders individually via email.

7. The winners can enter The Contest again in the following years.

8. The person responsible for the contact between the candidates and the En Arche foundation is: Grzegorz Malec

Prize & conditions of the scholarship payment

1. The prize of The Contest is a scholarship in the form of money that will be sent monthly between October 2020 and June 2021 via a bank transfer to the account number indicated by the Scholarship holder. The jury board will award the prizes in two categories:

  • for PhD students: 2500 PLN monthly;
  • for other students: 1200 PLN monthy;

2. In the case of not receiving both of necessary reviews of development or one of them until the deadline indicated in T&C, the foundation reserves the right to withhold the scholarship payment.

3. The Foundation together with the Scholarship holder sign a contract for the scholarship, where all the rules applied to the payments of the scholarship will be indicated in detail. Signing the contract is a necessary condition for the scholarship payment.

Intellectual property & copyrights

1. Essays submitted to The Contest must have never been published or submitted to other contests before.

2. The contestant, while submitting the essay, states that:

  • he is the only owner of the copyrights for the submitted essay,
  • according to his best knowledge, the submitted essay does not violate any intellectual nor property rights or copyrights, industrial property laws, nor personal belongings of any third parties.

3. While submitting the essay, the candidate agrees to a free of charge transfer of copyrights to the essay on the En Arche foundation, for an unlimited time.

Personal data

1. The personal data administrator for the participants of The Contest is En Arche foundation, ul. Gwiaździsta 5B/3, 01-651 Warsaw

2. The personal data are collected in order to permit a proper organization and realization of The Contest and to share its results. Data will be processed on the basis of art. 6 act. 1 lit. a) General Data Protection Regulation (UE) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 relevant to the protection of individuals in connection to personal data processing and in the matter of its liberal flow and the repeal of the directive 95/46/WE (GDPR).

3. Personal data might be shared with the employees and members of the Contest Organization Board, as well as members of the jury board. In some cases, when it is required by the law or with the aim of protection of its rights, the foundation might reveal personal data to third parties, including state organs.

4. Personal data of the Scholarship holder will not be shared outside the European Economic Area or to international organizations.

5. Personal data will be stored for a period of 2 years.

6. The person to whom the collected data is relevant, reserves the right to access his own personal data and the right to its rectification, right to the transfer of data, right to object, right to withdraw the agreement for processing in any moment, which will in any case remain without any influence on the accordance with the right to process, which was constituted on the basis of the agreement before its withdrawal.
In order to exercise these rights, the owner of personal data in question might contact the foundation via email to:

7. The scholarship holder has the right to issue a complaint about the personal data processing to the President of the Personal Data Protection Office (UODO) or another supervision organ.

8. Providing personal data is voluntary, however it is a necessary condition in order to make the submission eligible for the participation in The Contest. The consequence of not providing such data will therefore be the lack of possibility to participate in The Contest.

9. Personal data will not be used with the aim of automatic decision-making, including profiling.

Final provisions

1. The organizer reserves the right to change the above T&C, even during the time of The Contest. Any information regarding to any performed changes will be published on the website and sent via email to the email address indicated in the Candidate Card. The changes become implemented the day they are announced on the website.

2. The organizer does not cover any costs related to the delivery of the entry submissions by the contestants.

3. The organizer is not liable to be responsible of any technical problems that may arise during the submission period and, as their effects, delays in entry arrivals.

4. Authors of the essays reserve the rights to an individual publication of the essay, however, the statement that it has been prepared for The Contest organized by En Arche foundation, has to be published along with the written work.

Previous edition of The Contest

In the previous edition we have awarded the scholarships to 4 winners, including 2 PhD students.

The tasks of the contestants were to present an essay about the following topic: “In which ways does the theory of intelligent project challenge the standard model of the biological macroevolution (neo-darwinistic evolution)?”, and to attend the interview during which the jury got to know the interests of the candidates.

The winners are being awarded the scholarship in the amount of 1200 PLN monthly from October 2019 to June 2020.

The scholarship included the participation of the winners in the Summer Seminar organized by the Discovery Institute, to which the scholarship holders’ candidacies were submitted by the Foundation.