Scientific board

Prof. Kazimierz Jodkowski

Born 14 II 1950, post-doctoral graduate of Catholic University of Lublin, nature & sciences philosopher.

During the years 1969-1974, he studied philosophy of nature at the Catholic University of Lublin. For 21 years, he has been an active lecturer at University of Marie Curie-Skłodowska, meanwhile since 1995 he spent another 24 years working at the University of Zielona Góra, after which he retired last year, in 2019. In 1983 he has graduated with a PhD diploma, while in 1992 – with a post-doctoral diploma, both in the field of philosophy of science. In 2000, he has been granted the title of Professor of human sciences: philosophy, by the President of Republic of Poland. His interests circulate around philosophy of sciences & nature, especially the historical part of it, and methodological aspects of the controversy between evolutionism-creationism and evolutionism-theory of the intelligent project. He is the author of 4 monographies and over 150 articles.

Prof. Andrzej Myc

Graduate of the University of Wrocław, in the department of natural sciences. In 1977 he began his research work in the Immunology & Experimental Therapy Institute (IITD) PAN in Wrocław. In 1984 he has graduated from his PhD studies, while in 1988 he began his post-doctoral studies in Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York. 5 years later he moved to Indiana University in Indianapolis, IN, where he continued his research about the septic shock. In 1997 he has been employed at the University of Michigan, in the medical school, where he worked on the use of nanotechnology in the design of anti-cancer medicaments and he has been designing mucosal vaccines of the new generation, based on the exploitation of nanoemulsions. In 2012 he has obtained the title of Professor. In 2013 he retired as the professor emeritus at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Currently he still collaborates with his colleagues in IITD. In 2019 he obtained the Professor Ordinarius title. He permanently lives in the United States. He is a father of two sons, Łukasz and Filip.