Terms & Conditions

of the Online Bookstore

§1 General purchase conditions

1. En Arche BOOKSTORE is a property of En Arche with the headquarters located in Warsaw (hereinafter: En arche)
2. For the correct use of the online website of En Arche, following components and technologies are required: Internet Explorer 7.0 or further with the activated service ACTIVEX, JavaScript and cookies, or Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or further with the activated service of Java applets, JavaScript and cookies, Google Chrome with the activated service ActiveX, JavaScript and cookies, Apple Safari with the activated service ActiveX, JavaScript and cookies. Recommended screen definition is 1024×768 pixels.

§2 Order inquiries and realization

1. Orders shall be submitted by the website: www.enarche.pl or by a relevant email sent to: zamowienia@enarche.pl, which includes the details of the ordered items, the quantity and data needed for the shipping.
2. Order submission, and therefore the further realization, requires familiarizing with and accepting these Terms & Conditions, and also with the content of the bookstore website.
3. Every order submission is a conclusive approval of the below Terms & Conditions.
4. The buyer, upon submission of the order, will receive an email to the indicated in the order email, which will confirm the submission of the order to the online bookstore En Arche, comprehensive with other data needed for the payment of the order.
5. Orders, which will not be paid by the Buyer, within 10 days from the order submission, will be cancelled without realization.
6. The orders can be submitted in the online bookstore 24 hours a day during the whole year.
7. The order shall be realized within 3 working days from the moment of payment confirmation.
8. In case of the ordered publication status being signatured as “made to order”, En Arche will state the deadline for the realization in the further email correspondence (usually within 14 working days). The Buyer, who proceeds with the payment according to the point number 5, approves the proposed deadline for the realization.
9. Prices marked in the online bookstore as “Price”, are gross (they include taxes) expressed in Polish Zloty currency and do not include the shipping costs, which are determined in the prices brochure called “Shipping costs”, available under every available product.
10. The price indicated for the item at the time of the order submission is permanent.
11. En Arche reserves its right to exercise changes into the item prices, alongside with organizing and terminating sales and special offers on the website.
12. The availability of the items is subject to the warehouse state. In case of a lack of availability of the product in the warehouse, the Buyer will be immediately notified about a possible deadline for realization.
13. Every order is subject to an invoice or a receipt, shipped alongside the package.
14. The order payment must be exercised by the Buyer in the mean of pre-payment to the bank account indicated by En Arche in the order confirmation email.

§3 Sales and special offers

1. En Arche, in the online bookstore available at www.enarche.pl, reserves the right to exercise sales and special offers.
2. The registration to the store might be performed at anytime, under the online address: https://www.enarche.pl/my-account
3. Active account might be closed by sending an email to: zamowienia@enarche.pl with the request of unregistration of the account. In the moment of unregistration, the client loses the privileges to special offers.
4. The sale amount and expiration times are clearly stated in the promotion information.
5. Sales and special offers might need need be layered. The client has the right to choose which offer to use.
6. The price, regulated in §2 point 9, can also be a price indicated in the email correspondence between the Buyer and En Arche (zamowienia@enarche.pl)

§4 Return policy

1. The purchased item needs to be safely packed and secured.
2. In the event of a long distance purchase, the Client has the right to return the order within 14 days of delivery – according to the Act from 2 March 2000 (Dz. U. Z 2000 r. Nr 2 poz. 271). The item must be in the original, undamaged state. Shipping costs are covered by the Buyer. En Arche refunds the whole amount within 14 days of the return delivery. The item should be returned to: En Arche ul. Gwiaździsta 5B/lok.uż. nr 3, 01-651 Warsaw.
3. The basis for an approved return claim is to provide the purchase documents (invoice, receipt).
4. En Arche reserves the right to cancel any future orders by the Buyer who returns the order without indicating a clear reason.

§5 Warranty & complaints

1. The product sold on the En Arche website is subject to the producer warranty.
2. The condition for the approval of the complaint regarding the damages occurred during the transport is the description of the damages.
3. In case of any complaints, it is the best to contact the order department of En Arche directly.
4. En Arche will issue the decision in regards to the complaint within 14 days from the submission and will immediately notify the Buyer about the exit.
5. In case of an approved complaint, the item will be fixed or replaced. In such event, En Arche will cover the shipping costs.
6. In the event of an unreasonable complaint, the item will be sent back to the Buyer with the decision of the dismissal of the complaint.
7. The product, to which complaint or return will not be approved (for example due to the exceeded deadline) will be sent back to the Buyer.

§6 Privacy policy

The fulfillment of the registration form is equivalent to the approval of the buyer’s data processing through En Arche with the aim of realization of the orders submitted by the Buyer. The data will also be used in order to issue an invoice.

En Arche will be held accountable for the data protection according to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

All the details are regulated by the  “Privacy Policy”.

§7 Final resolutions

1. In case of unregulated by above T&C events, the civil code regulations will be applied.