Who do we support?

One of the main reasons of the Foundation’s existence is the development and promotion of science.

That is why we bet on the versatile growth, but also direct our support to the young generation of scientists, along with educational & research institutes. We believe that education is the key to fulfillment of dreams.

1. Organization

We lead popularization activities, familiarize science enthusiasts with currently developed theories through events, conferences, discussion panels, debates, but also thematic websites led by specialists in the field.

2. Financial & property support

We support the initiatives that work towards the expansion of scientific theories dedicated to the origins of the Universe & life. That is why we also maintain a publishing cycle of well-known scientists’ books, but also audio and visual materials.

3. Funding

We offer substantive support, but also organizational and financial support for scientists, researchers, students & institutes of higher education.

4. Collaboration

We collaborate with national and international faculties engaged in similar to En Arche foundation’s goals.

5. Help

We offer financial and technical help, training modules, but also provide information about other individuals, organizations and subjects who are, in the widely applicable laws, engaged in goals that are convergent with those of the Foundation, among others through making donations to the funds of these subjects.

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