Your impact

The aim of the foundation is to support the scientific development and initiatives. We want to offer the young generation the possibility to exploit their potential for its best use and to give it a chance of growth. If you think our mission is important, SUPPORT US!

You need to know that we truly appreciate your impact into the project, thanks to which we develop and popularize the knowledge about the origins of life, humanity & the universe. The necessity to support talented young people on their development path is incredibly crucial. Scholarships for students & PhD students are a chance for them to further develop and nurture their interests.

En Arche Foundation actively participates in this process

Every year we grant scholarships & organize contests with the aim of strengthening the demeanour of scientific inquisitiveness, but also the popularization of the freedom of thought in the polish academic environment.

We are dedicated to make the science and education evolve continuously

We provide monthly scholarships of up to 2500 PLN over a 9 month period within the academic year. We also sponsor prizes for the winners of the scientific contests & olympiads for teenagers.

Together with universities & higher education institutes we developed an attractive support system for the young generation, in which the main criterium for achieving the scholarship is the presentation of the scientific elaboration in the form of an essay. Mirroring the best universities in the globe, we believe that what deserves to be awarded is in fact the creativity and an extraordinary approach to the subject.

You also can become a part of this project

Everyone can actively support our enterprise to help us reach our goals, while also create opportunities for different, new projects to arise.

The funds collected from selling publications of authors such as Jonathan Wells or Phillip E. Johnson, which you can find in our bookstore, will be donated to our foundation for the realization of our statutory goals connected to the promotion of scientific research and the support of the young generation in their development. These goals include the organization of contests, scholarship grants, scientists’ support & collaborations with prestigious educational & research institutes both in Poland and abroad.