We promote science & education

En Arche foundation acts in order to promote science & education, with a special consideration for the scientific concepts of the origins of the universe and life, including humanity. We accomplish these goals through publishing books and organizing scientific initiatives – scholarships, contests, support for researchers and scientists, collaborations with higher education institutes & research facilities in Poland and abroad.

Theory of the intelligent project

Theory of the intelligent project (ID) is a general theory of project recognition. According to this approach, some phenomenons & processes are a result of deliberate actions of intelligence.

The Intelligent Project Series

It is a publishing cycle of the En Arche foundation,
where you can expect books which:

  • present the scientific theory of the intelligent project (ID)
  • contain matters relevant to the the origins of life and evolution of the Universe
  • are based on empirical data from the fields of biology, chemistry, cosmology and mathematics
  • are tailor made for people who are curious and open to the new scientific theories


If you share the opinion that as a foundation we are doing a valuable job for the scientific world, become a part of our community and support our foundation to take the matters relevant to the origins of Universe and life in your hands.

Scientific board

The scientific board of the En Arche foundation is formed by outstanding specialists in the fields of biology and philosophy, who have dedicated their time and passion to broaden their knowledge about the bio-variety and to work on theories that thrive to explain the origins of life and Universe.

En Arche is also working towards guaranteeing a better future for the young generations of youth, first & second cycle students, but also PhD students. Our scholarship programme has been carefully prepared to offer a financial support and professional development for talented students and help the potential growth of science.

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